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2016/01/15 第5期

1.A user-friendly two-color super-resolution localization microscope


2.High resolution Fourier domain optical coherence tomography in the 2 μm wavelength range using a broadband supercontinuum source

简评:超宽谱光源的FDOCT。OCT按照系统设计与处理可分TD-OCT(Time-domain)和FD-OCT(Fourier-domain),FD-OCT可分SS-OCT(Swept soucre)和SD-OCT(Spectral-domain)。

3.A wide field-of-view scanning endoscope for whole anal canal imaging


4.Optimal operational conditions for supercontinuum-based ultrahigh-resolution endoscopic OCT imaging

简评:该文章的通讯作者是曾经来访我们实验室的Xinde Li教授,人很nice。他们研究组专注于OCT的内窥探头以及数十年了,这篇文章也是在优化系统。

5.Compact Imaging Granted Three New Patents for Miniature OCT Technology

简评:目标为小型化OCT的公司,Compact Imaging

Compact Imaging, Inc. (CI), an early stage technology company developing proprietary miniature optical sensors for the rapidly growing mobile personal health monitoring and fingerprint authentication markets, today announced that it has been granted three additional patents in the field.