Old OCT Daily · 2016-01-16 0

2016/01/16 第6期

1.Stitching interferometry of high numerical aperture cylindrical optics without using a fringe-nulling routine


2.In vivo three-dimensional characterization of the adult zebrafish brain using a 1325 nm spectral-domain optical coherence tomography system with the 27 frame/s video rate

简评:成像结果很好的普通SD-OCT,说明作者软件很强。27frame/s就是vedio rate了。给出了很好斑马鱼的en face结构。

3.Label-free characterization of white blood cells by measuring 3D refractive index maps


4.Fast 3-D temporal focusing microscopy using an electrically tunable lens


5.Image restoration for three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy using an orthonormal basis for efficient representation of depth-variant point-spread functions