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2016/01/19 第9期

1.Compact polarization splitter based on silicon grating-assisted couplers


2*.Mapping transverse velocity of particles in capillary vessels by time-varying laser speckle through perturbation analyses


The data processing includes four steps:

  • (1) Utilizing differential operation to remove DC signals;
  • (2) square operation (which is equivalent to a full-wave rectifier);
  • (3) the short-time average of It to eliminate the term bt2 from the envelope;
  • (4) low-pass filtering to separate the envelope from high frequency signals caused by random phases.

3.Lens-free spectral light-field fusion microscopy for contrast- and resolution-enhanced imaging of biological specimens

简评:lens free是好事?光源频率随时间变化。

4.Effect of spherical aberration on laser beam self-focusing in the atmosphere


5.Three-dimensional imaging through scattering media using three-dimensionally coded pattern projection

简评:用coded pattern当媒介(medium)进行体扫描,获取三维信息。类似手段还有:

  • 条纹投影(souce pattern)
  • 结构照明(source pattern varing)
  • 散射媒介(coded pattern on the scattering medium)