Old OCT Daily · 2016-01-20 0

2016/01/20 第10期

1. In vivo cell characteristic extraction and identification by photoacoustic flow cytography

简评:200fps采集速度和1.5μm的横向分辨率的in vivo成像。Photoacoustic flow cytography光声流造影。

2. Stability and instability for low refractive-index-contrast particle trapping in a dual-beam optical trap


3. Image restoration for three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy using an orthonormal basis for efficient representation of depth-variant point-spread functions


4. Fast 3-D temporal focusing microscopy using an electrically tunable lens



5. Escape forces and trajectories in optical tweezers and their effect on calibration

简评:optical tweezers:光镊;opticaltrap:光陷。