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2016/01/22 第22期

1. High-speed frequency-domain terahertz coherence tomography

简评:用太赫兹频扫光源(wavelength-swept laser)代替普通近红外光的相干层析成像。零差干涉和FFT来测量A-scan.
2. Crowdsourcing: an overview and applications to ophthalmology

3. Near-IR image-guided laser ablation of demineralization on tooth occlusal surfaces

简评:Near IR对牙齿咬合面牙釉质激光灼烧厚度的问题。我们组有做牙齿的,所以关注一下。
4. Utility of optical coherence tomography in the evaluation of monocular visual loss related to retinal ischemia

5. Compressed imaging by sparse random convolution

简评:一篇关于压缩图片的文章,筛选的初衷是:如果你也知道美剧Silicon Valleyl里面的Pied Piper.