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2016/01/23 第13期

1.The Application Value of Optical Coherence Tomography in Primary Acute Angle Closure


2.Virtual Averaging Making Nonframe-Averaged Optical Coherence Tomography Images Comparable to Frame-Averaged Images

简评:研发了一个新型图像增强方法,叫nonframe averaged optical coherence tomography ,并且跟frame-averaged方法对比。正常来说,帧数叠加的目的是提高成像质量,虚拟叠加(Virtual Averaging)流程为:

  • (1) For each sampling voxel, one neighboring voxel out of nine on the same z-position was randomly selected according to a 2D Gaussian distribution.
  • (2) A random Gaussian deviation was added to the selected voxel value.
  • (3) Repeating previous two steps 15 times, and the new voxel value was calculated by averaging all 15 values replacing the original voxel value.

3.Wide field of view swept-source optical coherence tomography for peripheral retinal disease


4.A time delay correction technique for SS-OCT

简评:SSOCT的时间延迟数字校正方式。方法:The time delay is iterated in this technique and each iterated correction result is evaluated through calculating the
full width at half maximum (FWHM) of peaks
in time-domain. The precise alignment between the k-trigger and interference
signals coincides with the minimum value of FWHM.

5.Quantitative contrast-enhanced optical coherence tomography