Old OCT Daily · 2016-01-24 0

20160124 第14期

1.Early detection and differentiation of venous and arterial occlusion in skin flaps using visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and autofluorescence spectroscopy


2.Detection of partial polarization of light beams with dipolar nanocubes


3.Band structure and dispersion engineering of strongly coupled plasmon-phonon-polaritons in graphene-integrated structures


Graphene nanoribbons (GNR). 石墨烯纳米带

That is enough.

4.Analytical model of the optical vortex microscope


5.Real-time 3D digital image correlation method and its application in human pulse monitoring

简评:3D-digital image correlation 采用两个办法使其实时成像。其一,使用Gauss-Newton算法来避免无效计算;其二,使用一个基于点并行种子算法提高成像速度。