Old OCT Daily · 2016-01-26 0

20160126 第16期

1. Imaging system producing multiple registered images of a body lumen


2. Apparatus and method of generating a tomographic image

简评:生成层析图的装置和方法专利,分 Abstract, claims, Cross-reference to related applications, Backgroungd(field, description), Summary, Brief description of the drawings. 似乎跟国内差不多。

3. Real-time imaging of anti-biofilm effects using CP-OCT

简评:生物膜(Anti-Biofilm)的Near infrared cross-polarization optical coherence tomography实时成像B,所谓实时就是文中20frame/s,一个叫flow cell 的东西集成进OCT,分两个模式high, low flow,可以实时探测生物膜的结构和附着力(粘稠,adhesion).

4. Scattering and absorption coefficients of silica-doped alumina aerogels


5. Development of a Retinal Eye Tracker for 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (Thesis)