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20160128 第18期

1.In vivo imaging of retinal hemodynamics with OCT angiography and Doppler OCT

2**.Multimodal 3D cancer-mimicking optical phantom

简评:Stanford我想去的这个组又发文章了。跟企业联合紧密的硅谷第一高富帅大学,合作的企业提供一种叫Dragon skin的物质供他们成像,检测弹性和光调谐性。利用Gragon Skin 3D打印了膀胱。这项研究证明了Dragon skin在培训教育和内窥镜检测中的潜力。好棒的文章,还可以从这个切入点。星标!!
3.Characterizing coated paper surface for modeling apparent dot area of halftone prints

简评:文章针对纸表面涂敷层进行刀口法成像,给出了Paper coating layer cross section,可做原位质量检测用。
4.Tissue thickness calculation in ocular optical coherence tomography

简评:计算视网膜实际厚度依旧存在问题: limited attention has been given to
the methods used to estimate thickness in OCT images of the eye。上次conference call中,老师提出的畸变和fan distortion的问题也是需要解决的。
5.The impact of three-dimensional optical coherence tomography and kissing-balloon inflation for stent implantation to bifurcation lesion