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Summer vacation is humid as usual but not so adorable any more as there is much peer pressure, however, I consider it is a kind of selection that it dose not mean anything, only a choice. I have enough time to think of what on earth is the most important thing in my life and who I want to be in the near future. I am so happy to read the book I like and dance in the swimming pool coupled with snorkel even though a little weird. I am lucky because I was able to make those choices all  by myself, but some children can not. Well actually I was first time to see groups of adult homeless when I went San Francisco for an academic conference, quite near the famous landmark:Union Square. In fact, I was shocked by so many homeless and I feared they would come to me and grab my wallet, so I just followed some big build white men and women, in which case I would feel a little safety. Although in China there are homeless, also, but they were undernourished and rather shorter and thinner than me. Today I read an article about the homeless students in America, by the way, the reason why so many homeless in SF is just because of the awesome sunshine all the year round in California.

Today’s article from Medium and its name:

Homeless Students Struggle in the Shadows:

1.He will probably just buy alcohol, or drugs if I give him money. I bet she’s not really homeless, just faking, a scam artist. They are just too lazy to get real jobs.

2.In my 20 years of teaching, I’ve probably had about 20 homeless students in my classes that I’ve known about, and they usually just think of themselves as ‘couch surfing,’ ‘sleeping in their cars,’ or ‘not having a place right now,’”

3.“One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a professor when it comes to homeless students is getting them first to recognize that they are homelessand then getting them to understand that there are resources, possibly, to help them,” said Brantingham

4.The social stigma surrounding homelessness often prevents students who recognize themselves as homeless from seeking much needed help and resources. The social stigma and personal shame of being homeless presents a unique set of challenges for receiving resources, remaining optimistic, and continuing to take steps toward achieving educational, career, and life goals.

5.I was actually proud of being homeless at the time. It’s a big difference between being homeless by force, and being homeless by choice. One of the added levels of complexity to the issue of homelessness is the issue of personal pride. While Jang took pride in being homeless, many others do not. For them, homelessness carries an engrained awareness of social stigma and personal shame.

Words: uniform answer/ Undernourished /The social stigma/ repossessed/

Hmmm, look, choice!!

Plan on my summer vacation:

1.Paper written


3.Book Empires of Light read

4.The Ancient costume drama series :铁齿铜牙纪晓岚(LOL) watched