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Junk Food and Steve Jobs are two opposite things

After jogging for 5km, now I am enjoying my breakfast. Recently, I’ve been thinking about what on earth is the right,healthy,fit…lifestyle.Even if these are completely politically correct ,why little friends who around me are losing their patient in working out.First, it is totally a tough thing that during which you will dream of  living death;In addition, most of us do not have too much time,however,from my viewpoint, they just spend a considerable amount of time focusing on social networks.The last but the most important reason is they thought going out for exercise would consume the energy which is well prepared for work. Ideas and opinions should be changed as we live on a earth that sedentary lifestyle is popular.

A long period time before, I was shocked by Jobs because he is a completely vegan when he was young.But I just cannot give up junk food and I promise I’ll cut down the frequency I eat them.

End up with”Stay hungry, Stay foolish” from Steve Jobs.

Today’s article and words(almost a startup article but I am fond of it:

We’re Doing Fast Food All Wrong:

1.Imagine that we are visiting an outdoor market in Lebanon, Israel, or Turkey. As we stroll through, all our senses are engaged. Bright red of perfectly round tomatoes, and deep purple of eggplants. Colorful peppers, carrots, and greens in all shades. The aroma is the sweetness of melons, the brine of cured olives, and the spice of cardamom. The market is alive with the sound of merchants singing of their radishes, and of customers haggling over the price. It is lively, warm, and real.

2.Can we make fast food that is nourishing and deeply flavorful at the same time? Can we make quick dining fun again? Walking through the Shouk, I realized that someone should.

3.To boot, we managed to divide our food into food that is good (as in flavorful and filling), and food that is good for us (as in lettuce & quinoa). It does not have to be this way.To me, the Shouk maintains something that we have lost. It connects us to our food — and to each other — in a way we no longer do, but we crave.

4.The Shouk also reminds us that the plant world is bountiful and oh so very sexy. Veggies, fruit, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, spices… they elevate our energy, and make our taste buds work overtime.

Words or phrases:1.maintain something we lost 2.taste buds