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Markdown daily life without Magic Mouse

(Written by Mac app 「Byword」)

1.Email with Mr.不鳥萬如一

Lately, I’ve been really into the「Markdown」feature in writing blogs or e-mails because it offers very elegant typography. If you are the person who cares a little about the Chinese IT circle (actually, I do not like the word 「Circle」, you will be not feeling strange with the IPN (Internet Podcast Network), or the excellent IT podcast:「IT公论」. After I had added their blog feed: IT公論博客in my RSS reader, I found the article is so gorgeous. As a result, I wrote another e-mail to Mr.不鳥萬 with the question of how can he write so beautiful articles. No matter where they exist, in the or the blog of「IT公論」, actually the latter one is also published in the WordPress, the same as me. Then he replied me quickly as follows and I hope he does not mind it if I put the answer here.


好久不见。我的会员通讯第一稿是在 Ulysess 里写的,有时候也用 Sublime Text。《IT 公论》博客上比较短的文章通常就直接用博客编辑软件 MarsEdit 了。



2.Why should I use 「Markdown」writing tool

The answer is quite simple in that it is beautiful indeed.

To be honest, I always want to learn something new, attractive and superior. 「Markdown」writing tools give the sense of 「Geek」and 「Programmer」because this group of persons are innocent and adorable, at least in my eyes. Writing is a kind of skill that let you be immersed in your thoughts, which essence to any writer. People always said that you can’t publish a helpful article with only a nice tool, yes, of course, but I care the procedures I wrote, whether I felt happy when writing my life. 「Markdown」is the first step of mine to cross the field of programming. It helps me to consider things like a programmer rather than a student who is act like a grey student on campus for almost 20 years.


What are we talking about when we talked about learning a foreign language?

As a child, we are sent to class and began to learn English, and we are pushed or we haven’t made the decision ourselves. Also, too much exercise became the burden on our shoulders. As growing up, I found I like languages because only, in this case, I can communicate with others. I like the feeling of communication, so I start studying Japanese in the autumn of 2012. Initially, hobby indeed is the greatest teacher, and I handled the 50 words in Japanese. Then series dramas of Japanese helped a lot. Last time, I met a local person who had ever worked in Japan for several years when I travelled to Dumaguete for diving this summer vacation, he was funny and gave us some bottles of water and guided us the right way to drive, then I used Japanese:「ありがとうございます」 to thank him, and talked to him in English with Japanese for a while because the oral English of the native persons actually rather implicit. Lovely memories and experiences excited me a lot.

Lately, I’ve been curious about two languages.


One Ph.D. of my professor said that she can teach me the French since I told that I am really into the French after watching the movie:「Le bleu est une couleur chaude」and beginning crazy about the actress 「Léa Seydoux」, Everyone knows it is melodious. OK, I will start to study French from 「Salut」and「Merci」.


The second language that I want to learn is programming. In my eyes, it looks similar to French. Then let me elaborate on my opinions, first, you must study a load of words or keywords initially; second, reciting is a must no matter how you become professional; last, grammars must be obeyed when coding or speaking. Those must become the SWIFT language. In the following year, I will spend most of my spare time studying it. Maybe one year ago, a little app developed by me will be sent as a gift to a person who is skilled at coding. It looks not so bad but…hmmm…how dumb I am.

3.Three dreams in the next year

It seemed the dreams made in last year has been realized, and now I will make the dream list in the following year, 2016:
here come the dreams,

  • Visiting scholar researcher.
  • Develop a simple app by using Xcode and Swift with the music and photos.
  • The last one for me is to publish another academic paper in OSA system.