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Methods for subscribing newest papers concerning your field

As a PhD candidate, I need to keep tracing the newest paper in my field–which is full-field optical coherence tomography. After searching Google scholar day by day, I am really fed up with the boring things,like searching [ff-oct],[full field oct] blablabla. This article will recommend some methods which may help you to follow up new paper and research group.

At first, the solid part of this method is concerning about RSS feeds, to be continued…

So when it comes to rss feed, what should we talk about? Initially, you should get an account of deadly, kinda of rss reader. However, if you’re a user in China, you’d better sigh up a international Evernote account previously, cuz the GFW(great fire wall) block you from network like Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Google(omg) and feedly.

Second step, downloading and installing the chrome widget of feedly.

And then go to the target website you want and at this moment you’ll find feedly widgets appearing on the down right direction of your chrome browser. Clicking the “plus” button, then feedly will get this rss address.

Eventually, go back to your rss reader, you’ll find all the article that you want to subscribe.

NO END. What’s the coolest staff is something about custom rss feed, in figure below. That is to say, usually rss feed means your personal subscription, moreover, the custom feed can help you to follow the news and papers of research group in your field, for example,as a research guy in the field of optics, we often use opticsinfobase to download and follow the new paper,we could just turn to the website that you want and search the key words ,and then click the ‘plus’ button down right of your chrome browser, then feedly will help you to a new tag,like pictures show below and finally you can browse and fetch the push automatically all by feedly or other rss reader.

No one could be faster than you and time dose count sometimes!