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OCT Daily Mar 10, 2017

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Accurate wavelength calibration method for compact CCD spectrometer


Wavelength calibration is an important step in charge-coupled device (CCD) spectrometers. In this paper, an accurate calibration method is proposed. A model of a line profile spectrum is built at the beginning, followed by noise reduction, bandwidth correction, and automatic peak-seeking treatment. Experimental tests are conducted on the USB4000 spectrometer with a mercury-argon calibration light source. Compared with the traditional method, the results show that this wavelength calibration procedure obtains higher accuracy and the deviations are within 0.1 nm.




  1. 噪声分析与消噪算法
  2. 校正带宽
  3. 自动识别峰值信号

噪声(read out noise/dark noise/photoelectron noise/fixed pattern noise)消噪算法(平均算法,小波阈值算法)。

校正带宽用{Woolliams, 2011 #512}提出的差分算法1


What I can learn from


  1. Woolliams, E. R., Baribeau, R., Bialek, A. & Cox, M. G. Spectrometer bandwidth correction for generalized bandpass functions. Metrologia 48, 164 (2011).