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Sickness and Reborn

Last night, I felt sickness after eating out a dish of salmon. The sense of dizzy and vomiting really made me uncomfortable. Initially, I think perhaps I caught it from the cinema cuz I watched the big box film–007 spectre. Daniel is handsome and still fits in the formal suit while the actress Léa Seydoux amazed me a lot. Does anyone know she was the actress of the movie「Le bleu est Une Couleur chaude」? She looks gorgeous in 007, so sexy and beautiful indeed. I even thought she was the younger girl in the 「Le bleu est Une Couleur chaude」, obviously, the younger Adele looks more adorable than Léa Seydoux. Recently, another film called 「山河故人」, one sentence really strikes me and it is「每个人只能陪你走一段路」or「nobody will company you forever」, in my worldview, I am faith in this sentence in that I am not good at pleasing anyone I do not like, I just can’t do that.

Although I still feel uncomfortable and sick, in this very moment, share an article named 「Sickness」, ditto. More vocabulary and phrase are still expected to expand after reading this little blog written by that author.

Taking care of yourself is a kind of skill, such a decision you made changes your life step by step. Well. be energetic and healthy, swimming in winter will boost me physically and psychologically.

I have realized my three wishes that made in earlier this year, the first is pass the IELTS exam and score 6.5 which is enough for applying the CSC scholar. The second is to dive in Dumaguete, diving becomes my hobby and this inspires me to pass the OW(open water) and even the AOW(advanced open water), actually the diving license. The last thing is my paper about a 「Full field Optical Coherence Tomography」has been published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics, I am proud of it.

I want to apply the CSC and go further study abroad, visiting students seem great for me.