LifeStories · 2017-03-09 0

The delayed rebellious period

♫ Vibing to 「Melody (Live 2015 in Asahikawa) 」by Koji Tamaki • Koji Tamaki Live in Asahisi-Koukaido

Just post a song to my friend circle, my dad gave a wonder emoji while my mum searched this album by Koji Tamaki with a reply of 「Live in days! 」, which is horrible. I was wondering why my mom would do like that cuz I didn't mean anything but just wanna show what I was dreaming in this morning.

This song was recommended by a girl whom I liked before. Today when I woke up, many memories was pouring into my brain and I just wanna be flirting with her. But all in vain. Maybe that's why I'm so angry for.

Later during my gym time, my mom said I'm so rude when deleting my post directly without saying anything. My future husband would like to smash me if I act like what I’ve done to her. So pathetically and disappointed about this, cuz just fuck it, who cares about such a nice, gentle, decent bastard? Fxxking kidding me, come on.

Don't be like pretending to understanding me, you're not, at all.