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Somewhere at an idyllic country club

Making the plans to improve my poor English is my target, thus just amusing, entertaining and even pleasing myself(^^). In every morning, I read an article in Medium, an article in Longform closely, apart from these, podcasts, such as unmistakable creative and meanwhile in the future, are needed to be listened during the commute time. Accumulating some authentic expression is cool in my view.

Well, a brand new day is just begin, today’s article(Actually I admire Hillary very much.) and sentences:

Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hillary Clinton:

1.Clinton explained that during college she worked one summer in Alaska, washing dishes at a resort. She was 21, and her energy and freedom felt limitless; she took long hikes in the midnight sun. ‘‘The guides told us the most dangerous animals in the park — more than the grizzlies, because the grizzlies will basically ignore you — were the moose,’’ she said.

2.Voters appreciate it when they recognize bits of themselves in their would-be leaders — knowing that they, too, have gone on blind dates, cared for aging parents or maybe recently welcomed a granddaughter.

to be continued… 17.7.2015

Last weekend, I went home for looking after my Mom and Dad, however, it seems that we have the opposite lifestyle and different thoughts, well, it is definitely awkward. Anyway, now I have my new DREAM concerning GE-imagination at work. Much efforts must be made to realize it and the process is gorgeous.

Today’s article in Medium and sentences:

Silicon Valley’s Dirty Secret:

1.Somewhere at an idyllic country club, a room full of middle aged and retired business humans listen to a pitch after having a few glasses of wine and mingling. This is a well organized angel group.

2.Despite the claim that “Software is eating the world” — Startup investing is still as notoriously relationship and location driven as it was 20 years ago. The valley wants everything to be automated, AI driven, efficient and meritorious, except our own process of investing in startups. Whether venture capital, accelerator, traditional angel money, or online angel money, the ability to get funded is only partly about how good your idea is, it is largely about who you know and how well you present. This is the problem.

3.When black-box trading was first suggested, humans said “no way a computer can do this job!” and they were wrong. Sentiment analysis allowed computers to start interacting with markets based on human moods and feelings.

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to be continued… 20.7.2015