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Translation of letter


 I would like to discuss the following:

The plan of moving forward for ESAB is a sale of trade and partial assets from ESAB Equipment to Romar Wuxi. A business valuation will need to be established but there are losses carried forward of circa CNY 15m. Therefore even if I assume 8 times 2014 earnings (CNY 2,766k) these would be covered by losses. However practically according to Victor, this would be an excessive valuation. I have a pre-call with Victor so a realistic valuation will be discussed on our call.

Therefore I would like to consider:
i) Exactly the scope of taxation/VAT/BT on the sale of trade and partial assets.
ii) The operation of the entity post transfer and any points to consider
iii) Sale of the remaining assets of ESAB Equipment to either group or external parties and taxation to consider.
iv) Liquidation of ESAB Equipment. 

Kind regards
去ESAB的计划是贸易出售并且部分资产从ESAB向Romar Wuxi转移。有必要建立商业评估,但是有大约人民币一千五百万的损失。因此即使我假设八倍于2014年的收入,这些或许覆盖上述损失。然而,实际上根据Victor的说法,这可能是一个过度的估值。我预约了Victor的电话联系,所以我们将在电话里讨论现实的估值。
2)实体邮局汇款(?poster transfer)的操作和关键点考虑